Butler Pennsylvania Engagement Photography

Saralynn & Jacob's engagement session was beautiful- despite us being RIGHT on the edge of a storm the entire shoot! I ws afraid we would get rained out but was very grateful for some cloud cover on their 85 degree day!

I had talked with Saralynn and Jacob about their October wedding over the winter, and we talked about a summer engagement session! Saralynn mentioned Succop Nature Park! It's a really beautiful area with a lot to work with! It can be a little tricky on a weekend as they host weddings there, we were careful to avoid the reception site but still found plenty of area we were really happy with!

Some things I loved about Saralynn and Jacob's engagement shoot:

  1. At the very end a deer joined us! He/she made the blog post too. It showed up several places, but didn't get to close when it realized we didn't bring it snacks.
  2. The photo in front of the flowering tree- I LOVE how Jacob is looking at his bride-to-be! He did it on his own, no prompts, and I just think it was a really sweet moment.
  3. I DID NOT enjoy walking past the pond and a frog jumping across right in front of me. haha! Shawn, my loving husband/assistant/travel partner, was behind me and about died laughing. Not cool frog!
  4. Love that all of these pretty locations were at one bigger location, so much variety in lighting!

Saralynn and Jacob, thank you and I can't wait for October!