Andrea & Bryce are getting married!

I am so in love with these gorgeous fall color, and super sweet couple!

A little background about how this came to be: Andrea was a friend of my lovely cousin Rachel, and her mom, Julie, contacted me about taking her senior photos. At the time I was pretty dead set that I never wanted to take senior photos! Which is hilarious considering it's one of my 2 favorite things to shoot now, and I have to give some of that credit to Andrea! She was so sweet and we got great photos and that experience made me think that I could REALLY love shooting seniors. Last year, I took her brother Jordan's senior photos ( also amazing to work with) and I just took a few photos of her beautiful niece! I REALLY love getting to see clients again. It makes me so happy to play the teeniest part in being there for some of their most special days!

Andrea contacted me and asked if I'd take their wedding photos, I very quickly replied "YES!!" and we talked a little about their wedding and fall engagement session plans! When I schedule fall session, I always wait to see what if the prettiest when the time comes, and our property had some gorgeous areas so we planned on that. Now. Fall leaves have been a let down the past few years. And our property isn't usually the most gorgeous, but THIS year, the colors have been vibrant and gorgeous!

I LOVED getting to spend some time with Andrea and Bryce! I said "Hi!!" to both of them as they were getting out of the car and the first thing Andrea said was "We are SO excited to be here!". They are BOTH so sweet and happy! I really love their smiling and laughing photos!

Bryce & Andrea, thank you SO much for asking me to photograph your wedding, it means the world to me! I can't wait for 2021!!