Dustin & Rachel | Youngstown Ohio Styled Wedding Photo Shoot

I had so much fun taking these photos!

Rachel is my cousin, and when she was getting married we found out our dates weren't going to line up! What did work out was the fact that the amazing couple whose wedding I was shooting took place earlier in the day and I was able to join my family at their reception! I told Rachel at the reception not to pack away her dress just yet, we would definitely need it for photos! Her photographer did amazing work, but I had a snow shoot in mind I had been wanting to do for years!

I did NOT mention snow to Rachel at the reception though... haha! I thought they might change their minds when I brought it up later on, but Rachel and Dustin were IN! Rachel gave me a few dates they had off together, as they are both nurses and work very different hours a lot of the time. It means so much to me that they took some of that precious time they DO get to have together to go out in the COLD snow and pose! I KNOW they had to have been freezing but you would never know from looking at these photos!

I also stopped by The Willows by Wher in hopes of getting a small, simple bouquet we could use the day of their shoot. Jenny took time out of her day and whipped up this beauty on the spot! I am so very grateful as it's way more than what I dreamed! Please keep Jenny in mind for your floral needs!

When I asked my parents if they could babysit the kids because I wanted to go take photos of Rachel and Dustin in their wedding outfits, my Dad looked confused and asked "Why?". Don't get me wrong. I love all my shoots, weddings are my thing in particular, BUT. Being able to go out, plan a location, right time of day, plan out some details, and then have the freedom to shoot how I want with ZERO pressure- it inspires me so much! And during the winter months? Even better. It keeps me in practice and in thee swing of what I love to do,

Thank you so much Rachel, Dustin, and Jenny!!

Ok, onto the pretty photos now!