Mr. & Mrs. Waggoner | Highlandville, Missouri Wedding

There is so much I want to talk about in this particular wedding blog post that I'm struggling with where to begin, so I'm going to make all of our lives a littler easier and list some of the huge amount of things I loved about this day!

  1. We'll start on a funny note. During their first look, the bride and groom's special moment, Mercedes thought I was tearing up and me, who doesn't EVER think to lie ( it's a problem some times friends), said I was brushing sweat off of my face, it at least gave everyone a good chuckle. I could've just said "YES!". But I was busy beaming from ear to ear because their moment seeing each other was so special!
  2. Their wedding venue was STUNNING. I still think it's the prettiest venue I've gotten the chance to shoot at! Up until this it's always hands down been Seven Springs for a winter wedding I had, my very first official wedding, with beautiful snow covering everything! This wedding definitely wasn't that. haha! Missouri is HOT in July friends! But there was a really nice breeze and air conditioning during the hottest parts of the day and it was all worth it! It was SO pretty!
  3. Jane, Mercedes mom, made SO many cookies and rented a U-haul to get them there. Ohioians & Pennsylvanians don't mess around when it comes to wedding cookies! They were fantastic!
  4. One of my very favorite moments and one that I did tear up at was a prayer over the wedding couple during the ceremony. The presence of God FILLED that room and as I turned to take photos of guests during the prayer I turned to a room full of family & friends praying blessings over Mercedes & Matthew and man. It happened. Tears ( not sweat) started streaming down my face!
  5. Mercedes & Matthew met in Missouri at Bible College, and it was pretty much love at first sight! Their story has more to it of course and I loved hearing about it during their day!
  6. I've known Mercedes awhile now. I think I first met her when I did family photos for Pastor Ken & Jane and I am not even sure when that was now. If I wasn't in the midst of a very busy season I'd try and dig those photo gems out of storage, I'm pretty sure it was my first year with a business!
  7. The florals were AMAZING! Haley was there early to set up in the 92 degree weather, the bouquets, cross, and boutonnieres were perfect!
  8. Before the ceremony the wind picked up- peep my sweet Emma trying to "fix" all the flower petals. She was trying really hard!

Matthew & Mercedes, praying for blessings upon blessings on your future together! Thank you for including me and the rest of the Schleif's on your day! We loved spending the day with you both, your friends, and family! I hope you love the photos as much as I do!


Venue: Greenhouse Two Rivers

Florist: Haley at Sunday Flower Company

Videographer: SBrooks

Hair & MakeUp: KKD Bridal Cafe

Dress (Youngstown, Ohio): Stephanie Leigh Bridal

Bakery: Hy-Vee

Caterer: Bambinos Cafe

DJ: Chris Noble