Beaver Pennsylvania Engagement Photos

Leah & Hank contacted me over the winter to meet with them and discuss their wedding plans! I loved chatting with them and learning more about their day, families, and pup! They were so sweet and when I got done with the meeting and called my husband on my way home, I said " I might really be heartbroken if I don't get to shoot their wedding, they are awesome!"! Leah e-mailed a few days later and we started the booking process!

When we were talking about engagement photos, they wanted to have some taken in early Spring so they'd have photos back for their August date, the only minor issue is Ohio weather this Spring has not been anywhere near predictable! I rented a studio in Beaver, PA from Lindsey Ferrie Photography and we planned on grabbing a few photos in downtown Beaver if the weather turned out nice enough!

It was very windy, but also very warm day! We shot a few in studio then headed to the streets of Beaver ( Beaver's streets are really cute and charming)! I loved spending time with them and hearing more wedding plans, honeymoon plans (yay!), and trying to catch a few funny moments of Hank! haha! Hank and Leah both have a great sense of humor! A few times Hank made a funny face, my camera did not recognize his face as human and couldn't find a good place to focus, which made for a good laugh! And also a good reason not to rely to heavily on auto focus.

Leah and Hank, thank you so much! I can't wait to work with you guys again soon!