I loved working with this lovely girl!

Victoria's mom contacted me over the Summer and we scheduled her session date in! There were a few moments when we thought we might have to reschedule, and when Victoria's session date came, it brought some rain with it. This time of year starts to get a little more iffy weather wise and it's some times tricky making these gloomy days work... BUT. I love every photo here and this was probably one of my very favorite shoots overall!

Victoria and her mom, Jennie, were amazing, sweet, and kind! I loved working with Victoria! She is so beautiful and a NATURAL in front of the camera! And her mom was very sweet! Because of the clouds I needed a little help with light, and Jennie was so kind as to assist! I don't always put mom's to work but if it's cloudy, it's so worth it! haha! Thank you Jennie!!

Some of my favorites from this shoot were the field photos! It had rained and I was SO glad it wasn't too wet and muddy! The fall leaves were pretty in the background and I just love that creamy, colorful, background with Victoria's beautiful face!

Thank you so much Jennie, and I wish you a bright and wonderful rest of senior year and on the rest of your future Victoria!