Mr. & Mrs. Schlueter

There wasn't much not to love about this couple and their day!

Leah reached out awhile ago, I met with her and Hank and we talked over engagement photos and wedding plans! They both grew up together, their parents are best friends, and they are from a small town that they love and wanted to incorporate into their photos! Hank has a great sense of humor and Leah is also funny and SO sweet! At the time, they had another meeting with another photographer and they said they would let me know for sure! I had so much fun chatting with them and I remember calling Shawn on my way home and saying "I hope they pick me!!!"! I'm so happy they did!

As we got closer to their date, the aftermath of Hurricane Ian was set to make for a pretty rainy day! Fortunately, the rain held off for all the photos before the ceremony, but we caught the upper edge of all the rain during the ceremony!

It was a beautiful ceremony! Hank and Leah both got a little teary eyed seeing each other at opposite ends of the aisle, Leah looked STUNNING in her dress, and they both smiled at each other through the ceremony!

After the ceremony, we decided to go for photos in Columbiana, Ohio so I grabbed all my umbrellas and we hoped for the best! And I'm so glad we did!

I love the photos with the marquee sign a the local theater with their names on it, and that we got photos at the location that was supposed to be the location they got married outdoors, but really, how perfect did that work out? It would've been a very wet day for guests and all involved for an outdoor ceremony, but we still got beautiful photos there with family, the wedding party, and the couple of course!

I had mentioned we should try a rain photo since it was pouring during bridal party photos, but then slowed down by the time we took photos of Hank and Leah! But we made it happen with a little help from a tree, umbrella and the best best man ever! He may have mentioned the only thing we would've done different is he would've held an umbrella himself so he didn't get wet.

The reception was beautiful, it's always really fun as a photographer when a lot of people are out on the dance floor having fun, and Hank & Leah's reception didn't disappoint!

Leah & Hank, thank you both so much for making me apart of your day! I so enjoyed being there, rain or no rain, and I hope you love the photos as much as I do! Congratulations and blessings for MANY years of love and happiness!


Venue & Caterer: The Embassy

DJ: DJ Ike, Ike 4 Life Entertainment

Bakery: Hogan's Bakery ( donuts & sheet cake) & Montella (cake)

Florist: Sarah Withers at Petersburg Petals

Dress: Elizabeth Renea's

Tuxes: Rondinelli Tuxedo Company

MakeUp: @jacquelinejbeauty &

Hairstylist: Traci Sneltzer & Rhonda Good