Christine Schleif Photography

Mercedes is a senior at Crestview High School and will graduate in the Spring of 2020! And man did we end up with amazing photos of this beautiful girl!

We decided on Fellows Riverside Gardens for her shoot! It is always pretty there and I thought it would work well with her outfit choices! That beautiful Fall sun was perfect too!

I could hardly wait to share them! Mercedes is the daughter of our Pastor and wife, Ken and Jane. They are an amazing family and we have so enjoyed finding a church we can call our’s! Mercedes is also my good friend Katie’s niece! A little known secret? I took photos of Pastor Ken and family ( BEFORE he was Pastor at Rogers Assembly of God), when I first started taking photos! YIKES! Jane reminded me at Mercedes shoot and told me how far my photography has come!

When I have clients that come back after being at a session circa 2013-2014 I am truly amazed. That they would trust me ever again. haha! It is always a good reminder, no matter where you are in photography, if you are doubting your abilities, to look back at where you started. However painful!

I’ve gotten off on a side track, moving back to Mercedes!

Mercedes is beautiful, inside and out. She was sweet and had patience with me as I worked through poses and that always makes me feel at ease and makes my job a bit easier!

She is so sweet in fact she let my 6 year old bury her in the sand over the Summer, and when he sees her he brings it up, every time! I don’t know too many high school senior girls who want a bunch of little kids throwing sand on them, and I’m sure that wasn’t on her list when she came to the beach, but she was nothing less than thoughtful and kind with them. What a beautiful heart God has given you Mercedes, we are so proud to call you part of our church family!

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